How To Find The Best IT Services Company in Chandigarh?

IT companies tend to specialize in certain areas of activity, while others do not. This notion is important to have the skills of a person who knows the specific issues related to your sector of activity available. Whether you are in the hotel industry, manager of an e-commerce store, or actor in health, your problems will not be the same.

List your needs

Before contacting the IT company in Chandigarh that you have identified, it is recommended to list the expected services. As an IT service provider, we can offer you many solutions such as:

  • The configuration of your computers;
  • Establishment of an internal corporate IT network;
  • Ensure the backup of your data;
  • Secure your IT park;
  • Set up remote maintenance;
  • Perform a computer maintenance service;
  • Pilot a specific IT project;
  • IT assistance;
  • IT consultancy;
  • Stock management of computer hardware;
  • IT audit of your fleet.

A local or national IT provider?

Some top IT companies in Chandigarh operate in a small geographic market. This can be interesting for companies with a unique local establishments. 

How to check the skills of an IT company?

As with other recruitments, it is essential to verify the skills of the professional you are about to hire. Indeed, you must make sure that the IT provider is up to your needs. To do this, do not hesitate to consult its website in detail and to find out from other companies that have called on the services of such a professional.

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The best thing is to organize an interview with the IT service provider in Chandigarh to ask them directly all the questions you want and thus make sure that they will be able to meet your needs.

Do not hesitate to ask him if he has certifications from software publishers or hardware manufacturers which are a guarantee of the quality of service.

Information technology being a sector that evolves very quickly, make sure that your service provider carries out technology watch.

Do not ignore the recommendations

In addition to checking skills, do not hesitate to collect recommendations. Generally, it is considered that a service provider who offers quality work has no trouble offering the contact details of further companies for which he used to work, or for which he has been worked previously. The verification of the recommendations is essential in order to get a precise idea of ​​the quality of the work that is proposed. For this, you will be able to consult the numerous customer opinions regarding this IT service provider which can be found on the net.

IT service provider: what reactivity in the event of a breakdown?

A computer failure can be a very critical event for a business. In fact, this puts the company’s activities on hold for a more or less substantial period, leading to an equivalent drop in income and potentially jeopardizing current projects.

To choose the right IT service provider, one of the most important questions is that which relates to the guarantees relating to the response time in the event of failure or hacking. You can also ask if the IT service provider can perform remote interventions or if he goes on-site each time. The notion of data backup is also essential. Indeed, if you have to face a hack, you risk losing all your company data. Therefore, regular backups must be put in place.

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Data security: what guarantees?

As we have just mentioned, in certain cases, the data of your company can be put at risk. To avoid putting your company in a critical situation, it is strongly recommended to anticipate the implementation of data security solutions.

Your IT service provider remains the best person to set up this type of device. This must be anticipated before any failure. To secure data, you need a regular backup solution.

This involves fixing up backups (steady backups) that need to be configured or data replication on a server. The backup can be carried out within your premises or on the infrastructures of your service provider.

What are the different means of the company?

Depending on your needs, you can also look at the business size of your IT provider. Concretely, this will be a criterion that can define whether your service provider is responsive in the event of a problem or the event of changes in your needs (launch of a new subsidiary, fleet migration, etc.).

Human resources

A company that employs several people and which reaches a certain critical size will have the human resources to intervene quickly with its customers. However, it should be kept in mind that this remains relative to the number of customers that it has to manage on a daily basis. In all cases, do not hesitate to take an interest in the means and human resources of the company before making your choice.

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Technical means

Besides the human aspect, it will also be important to focus on technical means.

Is the service provider able to provide you with storage servers? Software in SaaS mode? To monitor a fleet of several hundred or thousands of computers. Remember to question the service provider on this point according to your needs and your technical requirements in order to ensure its reliability.

What is the service provider’s seniority?

In addition to the size of the company, seniority can also matter. Of course, this point will have to be consistent with the other criteria that we have just mentioned.

What is the price of the IT service provider?

  • The IT budget uses to be often far from insignificant, particularly for SMEs.
  • As with any other charge, the charges of your service provider have to be hence be considered.

The right price

First of all, you must keep in mind that it is not because services are very expensive that they are necessary of high quality. It will also be important to avoid IT service providers offering too low prices, which often hide reduced availability or expertise.

To ensure you get your IT service provider at the right price, Proselis offers on-demand support, which adapts precisely to your real needs.

The costs of the various interventions

Different aspects can be studied when talking about the tariff. Be sure to define in advance:

  • What will non-contract services cost you?
  • How are emergency services billed?
  • How much are the penalties for defects?
  • What is the provider’s level of responsibility in the contract?

All these points will allow you to precisely define the relative cost of an IT service provider with regard to the needs of your business.

Establish the contract with your IT service provider

Once you have chosen your IT service provider, it will be a question of the contract that you are going to set up with him.

In fact, the more complete the contract, the more you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Make sure that the latter mentions the pricing of the various services, clearly and precisely.

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